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Pickling paste


  • For pickling and cleaning of stainless steels
  • Technical data
    Colour:clear, colourless paste
    Density (25 °C):1.2 g/cm³
    Storage time (unopened at least):12 months
    Consumption:approx. 50 – 80 run.m/kg
  • Benefit / Value
    • Effective removal of temper colours around welding seams and in heat-affected zones
    • Outcome: a metallic clean surface in the application area
    • Suitable for almost every metallic surface
  • Usage
    • Apply undiluted to the surface
    • Cover the area with a special plastic pickling brush
    • Optimum application at room temperature(15 – 25 °C)
    • According to the intensity of the temper colours, the material alloy, and the welding process, the application time is between 30 – 90 minutes.
    • Welding seams and heat-affected zones must be cooled down prior to the treatment
    • Avoid application in the sun
    • Rinse thouroughly with cold water (approx. 140 bar high pressure recommended)
    • Rinse the application brush with clear water after use
    • Rinse until the running-off water has a neutral pH value
    • Remove eventual occured whitish discolourations mechanical
    • Do not mix with active chlorine cleaners or with alkaline products
    • The product is corrosive to metals