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Non-stick protection spray


  • Contains a variation of high-quality, natural oils and additives
  • Prevents welding beads from sticking to welding gas nozzles and welding workpieces
  • Silicone-free product, suitable for subsequent coating processes

Processing note:

  • The very fine fog of the active substance ensures a complete film on the workpiece and the welding gas nozzle
  • Remove completely and clean the surface before additional coatings
  • Optimum and exact application with dosing spray head
  • Technical data
    Colour:yellowish, clear
    Viscosity (25 °C): 75 – 125 mm²/s
    Density (25 °C):0.85 – 0.95 g/cm³
    Storage time (unopened min.):2 years
  • Usage

Suitable spray bottle:

  • Art. no. 6730 0926: spray bottle neutral 0.5 l

Suitable spray head:

  • Art. no. 6730 0917: dosing spray head oil-based protection spray